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Our high quality content about Ancient Roman Empire is written by renewed authors with the great knowledge in Ancient History.

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We design mobile travel guides for those who want to explore ancient history and ancient sites. Easy to use design, precise maps with thousands of ancient places, features enabling you to create your own itineraries, easy navigation and social media sharing… These are only some of the features that our apps offer.

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We offer detailed and up to date description about more than 4000 Ancient Roman places across the entire Ancient Roman Empire.

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Thousands of ancient places, monuments and archaeology museums appear on Google or Apple map with a precision of up to 5 meters.

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 We offer high-quality content about Ancient Roman Empire written by renewed authors with the great knowledge in Ancient History.

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The App allows to create custom lists of places to use as your private guide; navigate the shortest route, and share content on social media.


This app could become a very useful learning & teaching tool for Classics & History students and teachers: it is very complete, modern, easy-to-use and it's up-to-date. The content is being updated regularly, as hundreds of new sites are added every few weeks.- The Classics Library
I have to admit that before using the Time Travel Rome app, I didn't know just how many chunks of ancient Rome could be found in Italy's capital. In actual fact, there are lots and lots of Roman ruins in and around Rome. The Time Travel Rome will help you find all these sites. Not only that – the app will help you plan routes between historical points of interest – and it'll give you a detailed run down on the ruin you are at, plus, in many cases, links to Wikipedia articles and more.For Roman history buffs, this app is a must have, I'd say. Educators may also find this app useful when exploring Rome with their students on school trips.- Italy Chronicles - Alex Roe
In the Eternal City every monument tells a story. But these monumental behemoths often overshadow Rome's lesser-known legacy, which without the right guide remain obscure and overlooked. A perfect example is the Arcus Argentariorum (the Arch of the money-changers). Annexed to the side of the seventh century church of San Giorgio in Velabro, the arch is rarely seen by tourists as it lies well off the beaten path.- Ancient Origins